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There are so many things to look for in a partner. From looks to personality, from sweetness to sincerity, there are just so many traits in a girlfriend that must be had before she can be called yours. If one really wants the perfect and ideal girlfriend, one should be able to have complete control. If one can have a partner who would do anything and be anything for him, then it’s a match made in heaven. Luckily, there’s this game to allow for such a girlfriend. My 3D Girlfriends allows for the perfect girlfriend to come to life through the computer monitor. The hot, blonde babe here is more than willing to create 3D sex movies with the player.

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As one the most realistic virtual sex game on the market, there is nowhere else to look for when one wants to orgasm in the best way possible. Look at those sexy girls and think what would you do with them. My 3D Girlfriend game gives a lot of options about the virtual sex and fucking. 3D Girlfriends have big round boobs and sexy butts. Think about your sexual desires and realize them all with a few clicks. The best erotic experience with virtual 3D girlfriends is at your fingertips.

There are camera controls that allow for the best immersion to play out. Zoom in and out as the 3D babe gets pounded. Get into a nasty POV position to see what’s happening from up close. Several positions are available right from the start. Go missionary for sensual pleasure. Pound that hot babe in a doggy-style manner. Do a rough facefucking till that cock cums in her throat. Choice of teasing, soft, or hard can be changed throughout the fucking up until the cumming. Choose to cum inside or outside her sexy body. With camera controls, sex positions, and intensities all varied, My 3D Girlfriends is the perfect game.

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